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Sundays that Sparkle with Pinterest

Yes we have a Love – Hate Relationship with Pinterest and here is why…

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Now first of all we do need to admit that with our slightly O.C.D. personality traits comes with does of being ADD that let’s us be detail orientated along with being able to function in several different directions at the same time. But here in lies our first issue with Pinterest… while perusing through inspirational photos for let’s say Wedding Stationary that has greenery in it ideas all of a sudden images of really fabulous gardens – how to plant lemon grass – and naturally repel mosquitoes is staring us in the face.


Do you know how much self-control it takes to not click on the photo about planting lemon grass and naturally repelling mosquitoes ?!?!!? But we are on a mission about wedding stationary and there goes ‘total distraction’ on our screen.

Now in all fairness on the Love side of the coin. We just love creating secret Pinterest boards with our clients to bounce ideas around and hone in on a particular style. It’s a great way to stay connected no matter what time of day it is or even what time zone anyone is in. Did you know that 30% of Pinterest is filled with Secret Wedding Boards? Right !?!?

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Wedding Printing Inspiration Board on Pinterest

Part of that is the board that gets created before the ring even goes on the finger cause let’s face it … we are women and we know these things. But the other big part is the secret boards that we can plan around with family, friends, vendors, and your planner.

We can easily see a pattern of a particular style or something that needs to be refined a bit more to get exactly what the client wants. It’s another wonderful tool for us to use to stay connected and explore the design side of weddings personally with our clients.

The second Hate issue we have is the biggest one… Pinterest does not come with Price Tags! Granted this is an amazing place to gather inspiration and ideas but what happens when we fall in love with something that the budget doesn’t match. Like that ever happens right… all the time! {eye roll}

Now before you start to argue, yes we agree that the new feature of buy-able pins is cool and helpful. But in the grand scheme of wedding planning… that gorgeous table-scape you just fell in love with does not have a price tag. And how could it? The cost of that table will vary depending on season, location, and vendor relationships. And vendor relationships is the most important one that a professional planner will have in their pocket.

What we mean by that is you are planning 1 wedding this year and We are planning over 30 this year. A Professional Full-Time Planner will have the ability [at times] to use their influence to help you get a better deal and let’s face it – more for your money. Which brings us back to that table-scape that you fell in love. More often than not this perfect photo was done during a “Styled Shoot” where all the variables were able to be controlled. The whole table with the independent items of linens, seating, flatware, props, stemware, and florals could easily cost over $2,000 per table. Now multiply that with the average 15 tables we see at weddings and we need a $30,000 decor budget. Yes that budget is real for some weddings but for most that is what people want to spend on the majority of the wedding. Not just the decor.

So in planning Real Weddings for Real SAS Couples with Real Budgets we spend a great deal of time dissecting those Pinterest images and pulling out the elements our clients can afford so we can re-create a look as closely to the original as possible without breaking the bank

SAS Weddings by Sarah Day Pinterest

Happy Planning!


SAS Weddings

SAS Weddings
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