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Thirsty Thursday | Champagne vs. Prosecco vs. Cava

Champagne vs. Prosecco vs. Cava

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So anything with bubbles seems to make life better right? Water with bubbles, hot summer days with blowing bubbles, baths with bubbles, chewing gum with bubbles, and let’s not forget the wine with bubbles.

If you are new to the bubble world or just considering what to serve at your wedding then we have some great information to share with you. And if you need any help with a taste testing then we can help take one for the team!


To us here at SAS we just love them all! But help clear up a few misconceptions about “sparkling wine” let’s start with the names. Champagne is from the Champagne region of France. Processo is from Italy just north of Venice. Cava is from Spain in the Catalonia region. While these are the only classifications of sparkling wine it seems to be the topic of most of our conversations with Champagne Toasts at weddings.

We have found a couple other great blog posts that we like to highlight since they did all the research long before we did. [thank you Vine Pair and Wine Folly for all your hard work and countless hours of taste tests]


When considering having sparkling wine at your wedding we first typically consult with the venue that is providing the beverages to understand what is included in the package and what would be considered an upgrade.

Champagne is considered a celebratory drink and therefor even if you are not a Champagne drinker we highly recommend you have it served at your wedding. You can have it available at the bar or schedule a time for it to be served to all your guests at once prior to the speeches for toasts.

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Enjoy the Bubbles!


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