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Thirsty Thursday | Day Drinking on Wedding Day

Day Drinking on Wedding Day

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We love day drinking don’t you ?!?! Of course wedding day is another fabulous time to sit back and enjoy those Mimosas or an afternoon Beer. But this post comes with the disclaimer of please drinking responsibly. However what happens when you start drinking at 10am but your wedding exit isn’t until midnight? You pace yourself very delicately and add lots of water!!! (with food)

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The last thing you or we want to have happen is hold your hair back while you vomit vodka at the end of the night. Or not fully get to enjoy the entire reception because the day drinking was so great at 3pm. Think of it this way, if your day is 12 hours and you only drink 1 alcoholic beverage an hour that is a whooping 12 drinks in one day! Now your liver will process this on an hourly basis but let’s be real. That is a lot of drinking!

Of course you can always add in a yummy Starbucks Latte into the mix too for your morning of hair & makeup. Just remember if you think you are drinking enough water… drink some more! Getting dehydrated can have similar effects to your overall health on wedding day.

We pride ourselves here at SAS in helping our wedding parties feel the party and to fully enjoy the whole day. There is a delicate balance of making it through this marathon day with all your senses still enact.

Happy Planning + Enjoy the Journey!


SAS Weddings

SAS Weddings

Photo Credit :: Days Photography

Photo Credit :: Six Hearts Photography

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