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Published in over 18 countries, SAS is an Internationally Renowned Planning Company serving Local, Regional, and Destination clients. SAS has been recognized as the 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020 Top Wedding & Event Planning Firm in Idaho by the Business Journal. Honored with the WeddingWire Couples' Choice Winner for 2016, 2017 and 2018 in Atlanta Georgia.

This page contains some of the articles, awards, testimonials from clients, and accolades Sarah Day has been honored with in her 20+ years in this beautiful live event industry. Sarah Day was named as one of the Top 10 Planners in the World by Destination Weddings + Honeymoons Abroad in 2017 and has won the Belief International Wedding Planner Awards in over 30 countries 5 times since 2015. Along with producing some of the most beautiful weddings in the world according to MSN Insider, Bridal Guide, and Elle Magazine.

Sarah completely understood our vision ...

Without a doubt, working with Sarah was the best decision we made for our wedding- and the best money we spent.

Initially my husband and I were just looking for someone to help with month-of logistics for our New Year's Eve wedding and to provide some design advice. Our venue referred us to Sarah, and we immediately clicked. Sarah completely understood our vision- something that held true throughout the entire process. I felt so comfortable turning to Sarah for her opinion in decision making, and trusted her to make last-minute decisions for us. As a self-confessed control freak, I can't tell you how amazing that was.

Sarah introduced us to several other vendors, all of whom provided excellent, seamless service. She took over vendor communications for us in the weeks before the wedding, which meant we could focus on our vows, learning our first dance, and all of our pre-wedding jitters :) we had her send our invitations and manage RSVPs, as well as create her signature glittered champagne bottles as our wedding favors.

As for our wedding day, Sarah and her team went above and beyond to make sure the day went smoothly and that my husband and I were able to focus on each other and our guests. Sarah and Val were there through our first look and wedding party portraits to fluff trains and reapply lipstick. She coordinated the entire day and every detail flawlessly. We've had so many guests compliment and ask about Sarah- I know that cannot be true for everyone in the industry.

Sarah is a true professional. She is thorough, detail oriented, and committed to bringing your vision to life- all while making sure that you are having the best day ever. I can't say enough about her- thank you Sarah for making our day absolutely perfect!

~ Kaitlin + Ryan

SAS Weddings and Celebrations by Sarah Day - Award Winning Destination Wedding in Savannah Georgia
Downtown Rooftop Wedding at Ventans by Sarah Day of SAS Weddings and Celebrations

Never once did I feel pressured to do something a certain way...

I cannot stress enough how valuable a wedding planner is! It is 100% worth the additional cost (even if you think otherwise before, you will be SO glad that you did). As a super organized, detail oriented person myself, I could not have achieved the wedding of my dreams without the help of my wedding planner, because there are so many little details (and big ones) that go into making the day a success. Valerie was super easy to talk to and share ideas with.

Never once did I feel pressured to do something a certain way. She kept me organized and managed all of my vendors (something that is not fun to do the week of your wedding when you should be relaxing). Day of the wedding, we were running behind due to hair and makeup and she made sure that we were still able to get everything accomplished without feeling rushed. They truly run the show and make sure everything is going as planned (from bustling my dress, helping the groomsmen with bowties, setting up the favors, making sure people don’t get lit on fire during the sparkler send off, collecting our belongings and delivering them to the hotel, and best of all- packing up reception meals for my groom and I to eat after our after party in our hotel room).


My parents and guests raved about her. Totally worth having a wedding planner!

~ Lauren + Alex

They do Everything...

"This is from a groom's perspective btw... Don't hesitate. If you're trying to cut costs, I get it; but this is not the place to get cheap. Before we booked SAS I really had a hard time understanding "why" we needed a planner. My wife thought she needed one, and I was fine with that if I could understand exactly what they do. I even made her talk to me on the phone and give a sales pitch of sort. The answer to my question of "What exactly do you do?" was answered pretty intently that they do EVERYTHING. This seemed a bit over the top and I was hoping for specifics, but it was pretty clear we were going to get a planner.


It wasn't until wedding day that I finally figured out the specifics of what "everything" was. From finding lost ties after the reception, fixing pocket squares that were completely wrong (something that would have taken us guys hours to figure out) minutes before pictures, organizing rehearsal, pictures, etc., to having some toothpicks on hand after dinner.


They seriously do everything, and I'm sure I don't even know about most of it. I've been a part of weddings where after the reception all we want to do is go out and party, however first we had to help pick everything up, stack chairs, pack up gifts, gather decorations, flowers etc. At our wedding SAS handled all of this and then some. My wife and I, our family and friends, and our bridal parties were able to leave knowing beforehand that SAS would be there to handle all of the after party chores. It made the night truly enjoyable for everyone. Our wedding was amazing, and the little things that went on behind the scenes are what made it that way. Do yourself a favor and don't underestimate what SAS could do for your wedding as well."

~ Jason

SAS_Laura_Alice_Blake_USA (22).jpg
Georgian Terrace Hotel Wedding Groomsmen Photo by Sarah Day of SAS Weddings and Celebrations

Sarah became our "Queen-in-Shining-Glittery high heels!

Let me start off by saying I was stupid and did not hire Sarah Day from the start. After a not-so-good experience with another wedding planner I had to make the decision to part ways and that is when a co-worker and friend referred me to Sarah Day. Once my now hubby and I met with Sarah, she became our Queen-in-shining-glittery heels! She had to come into a somewhat planned wedding and pick up the pieces which was no easy task.


Sarah did so much behind the scenes amazing work that I can't even begin to tell you how much and what she tackled. She is a professional, hard-working, dedicated, beautiful-souled woman that I know I could not have had the wedding I wanted without her. She has the best taste that I could (and did) leave most of my decor for her to decide. Seriously, her taste is impeccable. Sarah was beyond organized and really takes the time to meet with and understand her clients' needs. (Believe me when I say you don't get that type of service with all wedding planners). You can and should breathe a sigh of relief with Sarah. Even if you think it is quiet and nothing is happening, Sarah is working her magic behind the scenes. Don't stress out and know she has your back. She referred me to some of the best professionals in the business and was super patient with everyone involved. I can't say enough about how wonderful, talented, and amazing Sarah Day is. There really are no words to express how happy I am to have trusted Sarah with our wedding.


Her assistants Ginny & Stacy were also AMAZING. They felt like friends I've had all my life. They do all the stressing (while smiling) so you can enjoy your day. Do yourself a huge favor and book SAS Weddings; it will be the BEST decision you make. Just make sure your bridal party and guests treat her well. She is special and doesn't deserve to deal with rude and stupid. (I know since I owe her the biggest apology for the prankster groomsmen in my wedding - not cool). We are forever in her debt.

~ Rebecca + Justin