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SAS Client Site Log In Information

Hello from SAS!

So you should have received your invitation to collaborate on your SAS Client Site. It might seem overwhelming at first but not to worry! We are here to work together and be your partner. We will go through this together but in case you had a chance to look at it before we do I wanted to give you my getting started notes.


Here is a quick breakdown on the features:

  • Checklist: We will keep you on track! This is a really comprehensive list just so we are sure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Remember, since we are managing your checklist, we will be checking in each month going over what everyone needs to do. There is always homework for us, you, and us to do together.

You can add to the checklist if you wish and if you see a little icon at the end of the sentence that means there is a note to go with that item. Just click on the checklist item to see the note or comment.

Please do not delete items before discussing with me because it could affect other parts of the system such as the budget or timeline.

There are also different view options depending on your preference.

  • Calendar: There is a great calendar feature that we will use. Payments and appointments will go on the calendar and reminders will be set up. Along with days and weekends that SAS is not available.

  • Timeline: SAS will mostly use this feature and you will be able to see it near the end of our planning time so no need to worry about it yet 🙂


  • Guests: you can keep your entire guest list in here which has some really great features. Just click Add guest and you can manually add each guest in, or click import guest list and upload your list!

When you click on the name of a guest, a window will pop up with places to mark their RSVP, if a gift and thank you note was received, meal choice and more! You can have multiple events in here as well to track RSVPs for like your rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid’s luncheon, etc.


  • Vendors: is where we will keep all your vendor info, payments, files, and invoices. If you add vendors in please be sure to add all their important contact information.


  • Design Studio: On your Digital Planning Dashboard, we customize design concepts unique to your wedding style. Categorized for easy reference and available to you anywhere you go with easy online access! Our couples can't get enough of this feature! We know you all love Pinterest, but this takes it a step further in allowing us to streamline all your and our ideas into your virtual planner dashboard. No need to have multiple applications for planning your wedding! 


  • Budget: We find, regardless of budget, whether $50,000 or $500,000... discussing the budget is one of the most challenging aspects of planning your celebration.


Never be shy or ashamed of what you have set for a budget. This budget is not a blank check for us to spend as much as can, it is a very important tool to help us shape your wedding day with the right design elements and vendors that fit within that financial scope as well.


We will guide you through those conversations and help manage your budget, payment schedules and more. We create a custom budget for you and track our budget estimates, actual costs, monitor payments and send reminders when balances are due. This helps relieve much of the stress that comes with planning your wedding.


  • Notes: This is where all of your Personal Forms + Questionnaires + Notes are housed. You can input everything from your wedding party information to personal items and keep handy lists of things or notes that don’t fall into another category.


Please take the time to review our client management system as this is where we will be working from during the duration of your project. Should you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Again welcome to the SAS Family!

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