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Sparkly Sunday with Sparklers

We here at SAS love all things that sparkle … and your exit is a great way to do that!

heart shaped wedding sparkler

Now we always say the best way to end a wedding is with Alcohol and Fire {wink wink} so that’s why we have added some disclaimers to this post. You wouldn’t believe all the burn holes we have in our wedding planner dresses from exits gone awry. And that is easier to than you might think with tipsy guests and wedding party members who love to light things on fire after a couple of glasses of champagne.

sparklers and wedding guests

In accordance with our Love/Hate relationship with Pinterest we have noticed that a lot of our clients are falling in love with the similar Sparkler exit photos. Most of these photos are from staged styled shoots where everyone is control and sober. But we agree the final product does look amazing. When creating an environment to recreate those Pinterest photos in real life things can be a bit more tricky.

flowergirl with wedding sparklers

So when considering your exit strategy first be mindful of the rules and regulations of your venue. Secondly make sure you scope out where the exit is going to take place to ensure you will have enough room to line up your guests and walk through them without being lit on fire. And for the last bit of advice don’t purchase the giant light saber sparklers that burn forever. Two full minutes of burn time is more than plenty for you to walk through, your photographers to get a nice shot, and your guest to put the sparkler safely in a bucket of water or sand.

We have our favorite brand of Sparklers that we purchase in bulk direct from the manufacturer and pass that quality and savings along to our SAS Clients. It’s a Win Win for everyone!

Happy Planning!


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