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Sundays that Sparkle | Dance Floors and Lighting at your Wedding

With all things that sparkle today we wanted to showcase some of our favorite dance floors and lighting options for the weddings that we have produced over the years.

Regardless of your budget one of the best ways to transform your venue is with lighting and a custom dance floor. While we love to show you real weddings of our couples we also want to help educate all our clients in the ways they can personalize their wedding day.

There is something very special about seeing your name in lights. Or a special monogram called a “Gobo” that we can project onto the dance floor or the wall.

Combining Gobos with some nice up lights that range in just about any color is a fantastic way to transition your venue from a romantic candle light dinner into a roaring dance party.

No matter if you are in a historic ballroom, an art gallery, or a warehouse… lighting is always a good idea! We hope you enjoy these photos as much as us and let us help you in creating the wedding of your dreams.

Love Always!


Thank you so much to the incredible photographer that capture work so we can share our wedding with you.

  1. Matt Yung Photography

  2. Ben Vigil Photography

  3. Nancy Jo McDaniel Photography

  4. Laura Stone Photography

  5. Tatn Henderson Photography

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