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Wedding Wednesday | Transportation Plans for your Wedding Day

Wedding Transportation Inspiration

So we have seen just about every mode of transportation on wedding day that you can imaging and they never disappoint! But more than just beauty transportation plans can be a bit tricky on wedding day. From Motorcycles to Boats to Pedi-Cabs and Classic Cars the sky is the limit for your wedding day transportation.

There are several different types of wedding day transportation to choose from… do you need to transport guests, and family to and from the ceremony & reception. Or just the Wedding Party for photos along with different locations for the ceremony and reception. Maybe your venue provides a space for both and you only need an exit vehicle for your send off. No matter what your transportation needs are there are many options to choose from.

Not to mention the time of year of the wedding. Does your trolley or classic car have Air Conditioning or Heat. You would think this is a given but many vehicles don’t provide that option and it might feel silly asking but better be safe than sorry.

Georgia Tech Trolley

Whether you are looking for a 55 passenger bus for all of your guests or just a simple exit after the reception all transportation companies require a minimum number of hours and a basic time frame for the rental when you book. We will help you to figure out how many buses you need and if they need to make multiple trip or start at different locations for ease of guest access. We know however that plans and timing can change a lot during the planning process so we work very closely with each transportation company to ensure everyone arrives on time!

Not all transportation has to be expensive either! We just love some of the fun and unique farewell transportation ideas we have seen over the years that were less than a $300 dollars. One of our favorites was this Pedi-Cab at a destination wedding in Savannah.

And how could you go wrong with a horse and carriage ride through the streets of Downtown Atlanta. Another simple yet unique send off after a brilliant sparkler exit on Peachtree Street.

Mo matter what type of vehicle you choose (including a helicopter) SAS will be right by your side to assist in all the logistics to ensure on time arrivals and departures.

Love Always!


Thank you to all the incredible photographers that capture our so we can share it with you!

  1. Matt Yung Photography

  2. Shawna Veasy Photography

  3. Nancy Jo McDaniel Photography

  4. Mike Moon Studios

  5. Preston Smith Photography

  6. Picture This! Photography

  7. Happy Bloom Photography

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