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Ashley + Brad | Real SAS Wedding | Charming Rustic Wedding

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We are often asked about wedding budgets and how they affect the planning process. And while we pride ourselves on confidentiality when it comes to our clients budgets, we also love it when we can share an example of a beautiful wedding done on what many would consider a tight budget.

This couple wasn’t having a financial hardship when it came to planning a wedding they just needed to prioritize what they were spending on a wedding day, a new house, and starting a family. We can all relate! And many would start by saying “why hire a planner if you’re on a budget?” Our job as a planning company is not to look at your budget as a blank check but rather look at it as a guideline for how much can we get with what we got!

I promise you that no matter how extravagant the wedding was at some point some one asked “do we really need this?”. So please don’t ever compare or be embarrassed by your priorities of the money you have allocated towards your wedding day.

Every Wedding Couple needs to establish a list of priorities to help guide them through the process and not get carried away until it’s too late. Going over budget is so easy to do when it’s a $100 here – $350 there – $50 everywhere. Before you know it you can easily be $2000 over budget and busting on ideas that were really important but now you don’t have the money for them.

So back to this fabulous couple and their budget wedding. We started with a venue that allowed outside beverages (including alcohol). This was a HUGE money saver and still allowed the couple to offer a hosted Beer + Wine Bar to their guests.

With beverage packages around $35 per person as an industry standard we were able to bring that cost down to around $10 per person inclusive of Beer + Wine. WOW! At $25 per person savings for a reception of 150 guests that a total savings of $3,750. You read that right… almost a $4,000 savings. With the help of one of our favorite Prosecco’s in a Kirkland Brand at Costco we even had Bubbly on the Bar!


Due to the flexibly of the Venue we were able to choose our catering company that fit our budget and taste buds. And to be honest we were very skeptical about the Flowers being delivered via Fed Ex from Costco… but the Bride and her Mom assembled them the day before with a fun girls day. While this is a corner we suggested not cutting, the flowers just were not that important the bride and therefor an easy way for us to take another big chunk out of the wedding budget.

We think you will agree that by looking at the photos in this Charming Rustic venue with exposed brick and gold Chiavari Chairs included. We got every penny’s worth with this wedding.

Which is why even when you are on a Tight Budget – Hiring a Wedding Planner can be the best money you ever spent!


About The Historic Roswell Cottage

Once regarded as The Old Library, the Roswell Historic Cottage was eloquently preserved featuring dramatic high ceilings, exposed beams, original brick walls, and a grand open loft. Residing in the beloved heart of Roswell’s historic district, rich warm wall colors and lovely flooring will enhance any occasion with a touch of nostalgic class.

Thank you Ashley + Brad for allowing SAS to be a part of such a special time in your lives!

Love Always, SAS Weddings

SAS Weddings

Bakery: Sweet Peas Bakery

Floral & Decor: Costco Florals

Real SAS Wedding Love Story

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