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Julie + Mark | Real SAS Wedding | Gorgeous Historic Restaurant Wedding

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Not all of our couples get SAS involved from the very beginning. But to say we stared on this wedding at the last minute is an understatement. This couple had the best love story, the most well behaved children, and a guest list that just didn’t quit!

When Julie + Mark started planning their special day after being together for 5 years they wanted something small and quaint with only their closest of friends in one of their favorite restaurants. Livingston’s of course is a staple for any Atlantan when it comes to a fabulous Sunday Brunch or a scrumptious dinner before a show at The Fox Theatere. So it was a simple – who needs a planner right?

Well after a few months of planning and the wedding day fast approaching, the causal guest list started to grow. It became clear pretty quickly that the few tables reserved was not going to fit all the guests that wanted to participate. Thankfully with the help with the amazing Ashley at The Georgian Terrace they were able to secure a Partial Buyout of the restaurant. Now everyone would have a place… or would they.

What happens when you are super fun, popular, and have great friends? You don’t want to leave anyone off the guest list. And that is just what this couple did. SAS was hired pretty close to the Wedding Date to help secure a Total Buy Out of the Restaurant and Bar. Help organize the Ceremony in the Mitchell Ballroom. Assemble what seemed like an obscene amount of Selfie Sticks. And just do what we do for every wedding day… Keep it running smooth so our Bride + Groom can sit back, relax, and soak up the moments.

We are so happy that just because the guest count changed and the wedding planning process blew up on Julie. We were able to be a part of such an amazing day. Sounds a little selfish we know. But swooping in at the last minute to save a wedding in distress and turn it into an amazing day filled with memories of a lifetime is what we live for.

SAS Weddings - Julie + Mark - Heather Dettore Photography - Livingstons Restaurant Wedding (76)

Remember those Selfie Sticks we were telling you about? Well here they are in action to create one of the best Selfie Moments we have ever had at a wedding.

About Livingston’s

Located on the street level of The Georgian Terrace Hotel directly across Peachtree from the Fox Theatre, Livingston offers a great dining option for refined Southern food. The Georgian Terrace hotel dates back to more than a century ago, opening its doors in October of 1911. The hotel hosted the premiere gala for the film adaptation of Gone With the Wind way back in 1939. Livingston takes its name from late-1800s Atlanta mayor Livingston Mims, whose home was located on the corner that the Georgian Terrace, Livingston, its adjoining Café Mims and the basement bar Proof & Provision now occupy.

What makes Livingston Atlanta’s most popular spot for private celebrations? We credit the generous spirit of our namesake, one-time mayor Livingston Mims. Word is he loved to have a good time – and so do we.


Thank you Julie + Mark for allowing SAS to be a part of such a special time in your lives!

Love Always, SAS Weddings

SAS Weddings

Photography: Heather Dettore

Ceremony: The Georgian Terrace Mitchell Ballroom

Floral & Decor: The Flower Bar

Real SAS Wedding Love Story

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