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Thirsty Thursday | Life is Better with Bubbles

Life is Better with Bubbles

You would be amazed at the amount of glitter that is covering Piedmont Ave right now. The SAS Condo is covered from floor to ceiling still… and this creation project was done months ago. Every time we think we got all the glitter more starts to sparkle. It’s a really good thing we love glitter! (and our clients)

Image copyright (c) 2015 Ben Vigil, all rights reserved.

But all the work was totally worth it to see our bride so happy and to see the guests clamor for these bespoke wedding favors. The secret recipe for this DIY craft is Martha Stewart Glitter. I promise you that this glitter is the best and worth every penny. We also mixed the Glitter colors to get the perfect combination of White, Florentine, Crystal, and touch of Opal. {insert secret recipe}

When the light catches these beautiful bottles all the different tones shine through. We start with a gallon of decoupage then add several layers of glitter and top it off with three coats of decoupage sealer.  Don’t skip the Sealer or the glitter will not stay on the bottle. Every time it’s touched the glitter will come off a bit and leave little sparkly trails everywhere.

Image copyright (c) 2015 Ben Vigil, all rights reserved.

We love our clients and we love our glitter. There are only a few very special weddings that we loved so much we hand crafted these for them.

Enjoy the Bubbles!


SAS Weddings

SAS Weddings

Photo Credit :: Ben Vigil Photography Printing :: DecoMarj

Hand Crafted Favors :: Sarah Day Covered in Glitter

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