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Thirsty Thursday | Signature Drink Signs at Weddings

Signage for your Wedding Beverages

Our Love Story Didn’t Start With A Salad…

Let’s face it beverages are a huge part of the wedding experience. Whether the ladies are sipping mimosas in the morning, the guys are drinking bourbon in the afternoon, (I love me some bourbon too btw) or guests are getting ready to tie one on during the reception, What and how we present the beverages can make all the difference with the experience.

We just love a good signature drink at a wedding and they don’t have to be expensive or even that crazy to craft by the bartender. This gives your guests an opportunity to try something new and see even more of your personality. When designing your beverage options think about what you want your guest experience to be and how to incorporate more of your personal style. Not everyone says they love Prosecco, but many guests will at least try it at your wedding and may learn they love that light effervescent deliciousness all evening.

Trust me …you can dance! ~Vodka

Besides the main ingredient of the cocktail… let’s not forget the fabulous signage for guests to know what’s in that delightful cocktail. There are so many ways to incorporate signage along with personal gifts that your guests can use for years. I mean a good Koozie never goes out of style, right!

When considering your Wedding Favors for your guests you can also incorporate them into your bar package. Here is a wonderful example of personalized beer glasses for the guests they used all night and then got to take home with them. Talk about a fabulous parting gift. Just think about the smile that will come across your guests faces when they grab that glass out of the cabinet in the months and years to come.

Eat Drink and Be Married!

Love Always!

Huge Thank you to the incredible photographers that allow us to share our work with you.

  1. Wilde Scout Photography

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