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Tuesday ShoeDay | Rain Boots + Happy Socks

What do you do when it starts to downpour the morning of your outdoor wedding?

We had chatted with our client a lot about weather and rain backup plans. Watching the weather hour by hour as the storms rolled in. The good news was it was going to stop before walking down the aisle. The bad news was there was way more than then expected and the ground was a big mosh pit of mud and grass.

Madison Barn at Oakleaf Farm Atlanta Wedding Photography- Lindsay + Jamie - Six Hearts Photography_0503-X3.jpg

So that morning SAS ran out in search of matching rain boots for the bridesmaids. The super cute nude shoes they had brought along with random rain boots were just not going to work for outdoor photos. Thankfully there was a store nearby (if you call the next town over near) that we were able to purchase matching boots for our bridesmaids while they were getting hair and makeup done.

Even getting our bride to and from photos was going to be a challenge as to not be covered in mud. Thank goodness for a fabulous pair of cowboy boots that she could wear to tromp through the mud & yuck until it was time to put on the cute shoes. Yes we helped with the socks too!

We might be a little biased but we think the photos turned out amazing! And the whole wedding party had a blast.

Happy Planning and Shoe Shopping!


SAS Weddings

SAS Weddings

Photo Credit :: Six Hearts Photography

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