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Tuesday ShoeDay | Shoes with Personality

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Here at SAS we love shoes so much that we dedicated an entire day to them when it comes to our blog. And this pair … well it was our Favorite Wedding Shoe of the Season. Of course it might have something to do with them being our favorite colors in the world. And they sparkle. So yes we were drooling the moment our Bride took them out of the box.

The possibilities are endless when looking for the right pair of shoes to accessorize a wedding dress with. Just another reason to love Betsy Johnson (like we needed more reasons) with her bridal line of shoes. This fabulous pair of shoes is also under a $100. Ummm don’t head to Zappos just yet!

Not only are these a fabulous looking pair of wedding shoes but they also have a brilliant structure to them. On Wedding Day your feet will swell and it’s easy to get weak ankles. The Tee Strap on this shoe gives you full support to walk down the aisle and dance the night the away! Without losing a step on beauty. Your wedding day is sure to be around 12 hours and most of that will be on your feet. So please choose wisely and early…

SAS Weddings - Wedding Shoes - Tuesday ShoeDay - Michelle Scott Photography 1

We highly recommend you get your shoes prior to any of your dress fittings at least. This way your seamstress will have the exact length of the hem to alter. And you get to break in your shoes long before wedding day. This is SOOOO important! As we mentioned you will be on your feet for over 10 hours and that is no small feet when standing in a brand new pair of shoes that are not broken in. No amount of Advil + Blister Band-aids in our ER Kit will take away that pain. We want you to enjoy your day to the fullest and that includes a comfortable properly broken in pair of shoes. Just wear them at home on your carpeted floors so they stay in perfect condition! They stay beautiful for photos on your wedding day and you fit into them like Cinderella.

So thank you to our beautiful bride for sharing these dazzling Betsy Johnson’s with us so now we can add them to our collection too! Not on wedding day of course but they will be prominently displayed in the shoe closet.

Happy Planning and Shoe Shopping!


SAS Weddings

SAS Weddings

Photo Credit :: Michelle Scott Photography

Shoe Credit :: Blue by Betsy Johnson

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