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Tuesday ShoeDay | Sparkly Wedding Shoes

So if you know anything about our Founder + Principle Planner, Sarah Day, then you know she has a hard core obsession with shoes. And it’s only fitting that shoes are a huge part of a brides wardrobe choices for her big day.

SAS Weddings Shoes Abbi+Chris 4

A fabulous pair of shoes not only lend it’s self to great photo ops for your photographer but these shoes are something you can continue to wear long after the big day. We often chat about not getting to put the dress back on but the shoes … well the shoes can be worn over and over again!

Today we are featuring one of most favorite pair of wedding heels for the big day. They had a little sparkle to them too!

SAS Weddings Shoes Abbi+Chris 2

Happy Shoe Shopping!


SAS Weddings

SAS Weddings
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