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Wedding Planners are not just for the wealthy + you won’t miss out on any of the fun!

As I sit and reflect on the changes I’ve seen in the event industry over the years, two things stick out to me the most.

SAS Weddings

FIRST: Wedding Planners are not just for the wealthy… Now I know what you’re thinking “you’re a wedding planner, of course you would say that!” But really it’s so beyond true!!! In a day and age where DIY Weddings have come to life on Pinterest, so many more people are trying to accomplish amazing feats of event land on their own. The time, emotions, and financial investment you are putting into your wedding day carry a huge price tag no matter your budget. You don’t need to be a celebrity to have a professional by your side helping you manage that stress and financial commitment you are putting into your wedding.

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So let’s take a step back and look at what you want to accomplish. More for your money! That’s what most of it boils down to, and don’t worry you are not alone, because it always does. No matter how big or small the budget is we need to squeeze every last penny from it. So what would you say if you could have someone walk with you step by step and be your advocate? Helping you achieve all your goals while letting you enjoy all the fun … Well that’s what we do! We are your personal advocate. We advocate for you budget, your dreams, your time-management and of course your sanity.

One of the biggest reasons we can be such an advocate to you is because we are neutral. When you are trying to compromise between your family, fiancé, future in-laws, BFFs and how much money to spend on it all we help you wade through the muck to also get what you want.

SAS Weddings

SECOND: Now onto the fun part! I’ve heard so many brides say lately they don’t want miss out on  the “fun” of planning their wedding and that’s why they choose to do everything themselves. Well let’s put it this way … When you go to Disney World or Six Flags and purchase a Fast Pass, all you miss out on are the long lines. In fact you get to enjoy the day so much more by avoiding all the mundane time wasting and just take advantage of the fun. Yippee! We give you all the fun of planning the wedding along with us while we take out the time sucking elements from your life. We get to know you, your hopes and dreams and we present you with options to choose from. Giving you your time back to enjoy your life and wedding planning even more!

No matter what your budget is, how many guests you have, attendants or not, family near or far ~ you will benefit beyond your comprehension by hiring a wedding planner or coordinator. Let us take the stress from you and allow you to fully enjoy your wedding!

Love Always,

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