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So we all know that we get to eat on your wedding day. The countless hours you are putting into choosing the perfect menu to reflect your style and taste that all your guests will be oohing and awing over long after the wedding night.

But did you eat?


Did you (or your fabulous planner) set aside time during the day and the evening for you to actually eat? This is an area all too often that is forgotten or even hard at times to convey the importance of. I promise you no matter when your ceremony is you will be STARVING by dinner time … like wanna chew off your right pinkie toe staving… not to mention the possibility of becoming “hangry” if you don’t eat a healthy brunch during the day AND set aside time during your evening to sit with your spouse and actually eat the food you picked for your guests to enjoy.

unhealthy snacks

This will NOT sustain you on your Big Day!

Here is a list of comments I have heard over and over again …

“Yes, we will have a friend drop by with some snacks in the afternoon” (Skinny Popcorn, Doritos & Snapple show up)

“We are eating breakfast before we get hair and makeup done” (Ummm that’s at 9am what are you going to do the rest of the day?)

“The guys are just going to grab a bite at some point” (Before or after Tuxedos?)

“I don’t want to eat too much, I need to fit into my dress” (Girl that dress is going to fit whether or not you ate a fruit cup and chicken salad sandwich)

“Ok, we will send someone out to get food” (party tray of hot wings with dipping sauce shows up, can you say messy!)

“Do Mimosas Count?” (Yes, sort of… but with lots of fruit!)

mimosa bar

“Oh, I forgot I would need to eat during the day”

This day above all days we need to be looking and feeling our best. Feeling our best includes not wanting to pass out from low blood sugar. What we need is small, easy to eat, non-messy foods throughout the day.

summer nanwiches

Let’s break an average wedding day down…

10:00   Time to Wake Up and get some Coffee & Bagels 11:00   Start Hair & Make-Up 1:30     Healthy Brunch where you are 2:00     Before Photos 3:00     Arrive at Venue – Finish Dressing & Wedding Party Photos 4:30     Hide Bride Away 5:30     Ceremony 6:30     Cocktail Hour – More Photos 7:30     Reception 9:00     Let the Dancing Begin 11:30   Grand Exit to Happily Ever After


You can see that there isn’t a whole bunch of time to fit it food when you don’t have a curling iron, make-brush or camera in your face. This is why it is so important to talk with your Wedding Planner about how to fit everything all while staying hydrated and fed! I personally work with all my couples to snag even just 15 minutes of alone time where you can revel in the glory of just getting married and sit down in private just the two of you and enjoy a bit to eat. It may not sound like much but I can attest to it making all the difference in the world when you have had some nice breaks to just breathe and enjoy throughout the day. That is our biggest goal … that all your needs are taken care of from the most glorious wedding adventures to the most mundane as … eating.

Love Always!

Sarah Day CIWP, Certified International Wedding Planner Lover of all things in Wedding World

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